Utility Scale Solar Production

Why choose Texas Green Energy?

Texas Green Energy is staffed by hard working professionals who are quickly building a reputation of excellence in project management for the construction of large scale solar facilities. We know how to scale our practices to meet the needs of the project and are known to deliver fast and efficient services to our clients.

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Alamo 2 - San Antonio, Texas

Texas Green Energy has now entered the utility scale solar industry! We have recently completed a rebuild of the Alamo 2 - a 4.4 Megawatt solar farm in San Antonio, Texas. In April of 2016, many solar panels of the Alamo 2 solar farm were damaged during a hail storm. We carefully and efficiently replaced every panel in the farm, while also upgrading the wiring and managing the rebuilding of damaged roadways. We also created a new inventory mapping system that will allow the owners to determine the location of solar panels based on their serial numbers.


  • 4.4 Megawatts of Solar Power
  • 17,920 Newly installed panels
  • Solar tracking system
  • New roadways
  • Inventory mapping system

Alamo 2 - Producing power once again!