Commercial Projects

solar means business

Business benefits the most from solar power. Federal tax credits, 50% bonus deprecitation, and accelerated depreciation (MACRS) deductions result in an typical ROI of just four to five years. Over the panel warranty period of 25 years, the system can quintuple (5X) the initial investment!

Customers appreciate companies that embrace solar energy. The customer likes to feel good about what they buy. With many boutique products boasting "powered by renewable energy" symbols, small business has been aware of this for quite some time. Large corporations have taken notice, too: Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Costco, Kohl's, and Macy's currently have the most on-site solar installations, and they are just a few of many well-known businesses to invest in solar power. The impact is difficult to predict, but the increase in business could be as significant as the energy savings.

  • Hotels
  • Shopping Centers and Retail Stores
  • Warehouses
  • Parks and Campgrounds
  • Schools and Government Buildings

Project Showcase

Take a look at some of our unique commercial projects:

Hotel - Walla Walla, Washington

Holiday Inn Express included solar energy in their recent remodel. They asked Texas Green Energy to design a system their customers would notice and appreciate. We installed an attractive ground-mounted array next to the building that maximizes energy savings, boasts their commitment to solar power, and compliments the building architecture and landscape.


  • 100kW Ground-mounted Solar PV
  • Active System Monitoring Display in Lobby
  • Blue LEDs Compliment Building Lighting
  • 208/120V 3-phase utility power

Emergency Veterinary Clinic

Power outages, even for a moment, frequently disrupted operations at the clinic. We designed a backup power system to keep most of the clinic running during a grid outage. The system generates 3-phase 208/120V power for all operating room instrumentation, X-ray machine, lights, computers, and communications equipment. A 20kW solar PV system on the roof keeps the batteries charged. When the grid is up, the excess solar power offsets the electric bill.


  • 20kW Rooftop Solar PV
  • 24kWh Battery Energy Storage
  • 208/120V 3-phase backup power

Fries Financial Building

Fries Financial wanted to invest in solar for their offices, but only if it could blend in with the existing architecture and landscaping scheme. We designed a carport for their parking lot that compliments the look of the wooden front porch and provides comfortable, shaded parking for employees - while at the same time conceals a 10kW solar PV array on top!


  • 10kW Rooftop Solar PV
  • Custom Carport for Solar
  • System Info Display in Lobby

Yogi Bear Campground

Waller, TX

The owner included solar in a recent remodel project to offset some of the park's energy usage. In addition, power outages were more than a nuisance for customers trying to pay for supplies or check in to the park. We calculated 115kW of solar would meet the customer's requirements, and we designed an 18kW backup power system for the Ranger Station to keep the refrigerators, freezers, computer systems, and Internet operating in spite of periodic power outages.


  • 75kW Ground-mounted Solar PV
  • 40kW Rooftop Solar PV
  • 18kW Backup Power System
  • 34kWh Energy Storage Battery Bank